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I’m just putting this out there. I know that there’s a lot of people out there like me, who are hesitant (i.e. would rather set myself on fire than) to reach out for help or assistance.

Here’s a site where you can talk to people. Online. Who are trained to handle it. There’s FAQs and things for whatever you may be dealing with, be it drug abuse, ED, depression, anxiety.

Don’t have to keep fighting alone, guys.

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I’m still fucked up at the fact that the longest piece of English fictional literature written by any human is a super smash bros brawl fan fic.

Hey there
Would you like to talk about Homestuck?

A lot of people are commenting this post with Homestuck related stuff.

Homestuck is calculated to have only a bit over about one million and no matter how much wiggle room you give it to claim it has more words it is no where near Subspace Emissary’s word count of 3,929,194 words as of now(September 1st, 2014).


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Anonymous asked: What advice do you have for a 14 year old girl?


This is so vague I love it. The voices you are hearing are real, god is speaking to you. The nation of France needs you. Don your armor, take up arms, lead the French army. This is your destiny, joan. When the flames come for you let them lick your bones and laugh.


Treehouse, Atlanta, USA by Peter Bahouth | via

Architect Peter Bahouth built a series of houses in the trees connected by wooden bridges in Atlanta. Inspired by his love for nature and his childhood memories of boyhood treehouses, environmentalist Peter Bahouth created this grown-up fort in his Atlanta backyard. The three rooms of this treehouse have been named ‘Mind,’ ‘Body’ and ‘Spirit’ by its owner. A suspension bridge connects the living room to the bedroom that includes a platform bed which slides out for a better view of the tree canopy.

Photography: Lindsay Appel

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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